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Creativity has no room for limitations

Visual Artist and Craftsman

In order to produce works that are truly unique, an artist must challenge social convention to allow the
full-scope of their creativity to take flight.

J. Ryan Artist

JRyanArtist is a multi-faceted art production firm
Specializing in visual design and fabrication


Established in 1999 as a single-artist movement conceived by J. Ryan McCutcheon. JRyanArtist has since become a multi-faceted art production company with services ranging from Visual conception to completion. With projects including murals, props, commerical art, fine art, temporary art, public art, graphic design, interactive design, photography, image editing, branding, printing, prototyping, fabrication, and various creative projects.


Concept to Completion

Creating your design into a completed concept by focusing on the targeted idea, brand, message, or identity. This process is integrated in the design and production, ensuring that your objectives are delivered successfully.


Not Just A Graphic Designer

Going beyond the design and production to focus on building relationships and graphics that produce results by using engaging concepts, empowering words, and targeted strategies as well as immersive experiences to include in creative solutions.


Construction and Fabrication

Bringing your idea to reality whether it is a mural, an entryway, signage, centerpiece, sculpture, interactive display or a custom three-dimensional prop for your live event, we have access to cool tools and enjoy making those crazy ideas come to life.


Kinetic and Engaging

With multi-layered disciplines and the ability to integrate technologies the possibilities are almost endless. With a little ingenuity, puzzle solving, engineering, and experience making 2D or 3D moving or engaging projects come to fruition can make a huge impression.


JRyanArtist can bring your idea, message, brand, project or design to life through the art of ingenuity, puzzle solving, engineering, and experience.

Whether designing an ad, painting a mural, or constructing a custom unique prop, JRyanArtist has the experience and “know how” to produce the concept to completion by continuing to provide creative services for a range of established businesses throughout the years. JRyanArtist continues to be a pioneer in art production services by priding itself on flexibility and adaptability to produce unique works, whether at complete liberty of the artists or to exact client specifications.






Meet the Artist

Being an artist takes you on a journey of experimenting with many mediums, materials, projects and outcomes. After having graduated college with a degree in Telecommunications and being employed by a few ad agencies and creative service companies where I learned a multitude of skills throughout the years it lead me to the decision of starting my own creative company.

While creating JRyanArtist I learned a great deal about the world of art and the difference between commercial and personal work. I enjoy my creative endeavors and continue to learn while balancing the family life, my personal fine art and the business of art.

J. Ryan McCutcheon Artist, Art Director, Owner

I believe rules create limitations and there is no room for limitations regarding creativity and visual expression.

  • Projects

    JRyanArtist offers creative services. Designing, building and fabricating for commercial and private use. We enjoy making those crazy cool ideas come to life. Whether you want a mural on your wall, targeted graphics or custom fabricated props for your live event, as long as it is creative we are interested.

    • All works
    • Murals
    • Props
    • Graphic Design
    • Interactive
    • Lagniappe
    Preston Hollow Mural

    Preston Hollow


    Handpainted signs

    Cajun Daiquiri

    Commerical Illustration,Signs

    Festival Logo design

    Ark-LA-Tex Craft Beer & BBQ festival

    Festivals,Graphic Design

    Casino props

    Horseshoe Casino

    Promotional Events,Props

    geauxsicles mural



    Bagel Wall New York Themed Event

    Bat Mitzvah

    Live Event,Food Props

    Social Media Design

    Bloody Mary Battle

    Social Media Events,Graphic Design

    Caddo Career & Technology Center Mural

    Caddo Career & Technology Center


    Call to Action Mural

    Call to Action

    Public Art,Murals

    God Father Mural

    God Fathers Pizza


    soda float bar bat mitzvah props party signs

    Bat Mitzvah

    Live Events,Signs

    Mudbug be Gone Product Design

    Mudbug be Gone

    Products,Graphic Design

    Foam New York Skyline Prop

    Bat Mitzvah

    Live Event,Props

    Magizine ad designs

    Apex Communications and Events

    Magizine ads,Graphic Design

    Strikers Cafe Mural

    Striker's Cafe


    Community Patriots Prop

    Bossier City Chamber of Commerce

    Community Event,Props

    Festival flyers design

    Ark-LA-Tex Craft Beer & BBQ festival

    Flyers and Forms,Graphic Design

    Dallas North Park Mall Mural

    Painting with a Twist

    Live Event,Murals

    SRAC Exclamation Mark Sculpture

    Shreveport Regional Arts Council

    Sculpture,Public Art

    B52 Mural



    Bowling Alley Mural

    Holiday Lanes


    Coupon Design

    Gateway Tire

    Coupon Ads,Graphic Design

    Hilton Shreveport



    The Brass Monkey Mural

    The Brass Monkey


    Web Design

    Mountain Firearms Instruction

    Logo & Web,Graphic Design

    Custom Decorative Event Centerpieces

    Apex Communications and Events

    Decorative Centerpieces,Props

    Childrens Tree House Mural

    Fantasy Tree House


    Custom Invitation Design

    Party or Events

    Invitations,Graphic Design

    Alligator Mural

    Captain Shreve


    Chandelier Props

    Horseshoe Casino

    Mardi Gras,Props

     interactive art juxta puttputt


    Installation,Gallery Art

    Logo Design

    Summers Social

    Logos,Graphic Design

    Childrens Book Illusrtations


    Illusrtations,Graphic Design

    Mardi Gras Krewe Props

    Riverdome at Horseshoe Casino & Hotel

    Mardi Gras Ball,Props

    Holiday Lanes Mural

    Holiday Lanes


    Lit Signage props

    Mojito Bar

    Live Events,Props

    Christmas Photo Opp Props

    Shreveport Regional Airport

    Photo Opp,Props

    Social Media Graphics Design

    Today's Tanning

    Social Media,Graphic Design

    Map layout design

    Benteler Steel / Tube

    Event Map layouts,Graphic Design

    Commerical Design 18 wheeler murals

    Diesel Driving Academy

    Commerical Design,Murals

    Giant bowling Pin Signage Prop

    Holiday Lanes

    Commerical Art,Props

    8th Air Force anniversary props

    8th Air Force anniversary

    Custom Design,Props

    Shreveport Common Mural

    Shreveport Common


    Book Cover Design

    Rodney Williams

    Book Covers,Graphic Design

    Play Bunny Club Christmas in the Sky Prop

    Louisiana Downs Casino

    Non-Profit Fundraising,Prop

    News Letter Design

    Kings Hardware

    News Letters,Graphic Design

    Credit bureau Mural

    Credit Bureau of the South


    lighted props

    El Dorado Casino

    Live Event,Props

    Flyer Designs

    318 REPE

    Flyers,Graphic Design

    Temporary Public Interactive Art

    Shreveport Regional Arts Council

    Temporary Installations,Public Art

    Rack Card Design


    Rack Cards,Graphic Design

    Large Hot Air Balloon prop

    Apex Communications and Events

    Live Event,prop


    Working hard to ensure your projects come to fruition and make huge impressions while producing results is a passion. The goal is to go beyond expectations to create smooth and successful designs with integrity while gaining trust and a client base relationship for years to come.


    Whether you are looking for a Children’s Mural, a Residential Mural, a Commercial Mural or a Unique Commissioned Project. Bring your creative concepts to the next level with J. Ryan Artist. Please be sure to contact us a month or so in advance to get you on the schedule.


    Full service design from concept to completion is what we offer. From Layouts, prototyping, and graphic design to printing, cutting, and fabricating. Visual designs with a multitude of applications and creativity with little room for limitations can bring your ideas to life.


    Making your approved prop designs come to life using an array of fabrication techniques like foam sculpting, laser cutting, CNC routing and a creative mind all the way through the details paint and finishing to ensure a safe supported structure and installation for your event.